Replica of AWP | Asiimov [PDF INSTRUCTION]

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Buy all needed parts for this model:
Click here⇨*Webrick Parts List
Download The Parts List

Brick-Price: Webrick ≈ 120€ / Bricklink ≈ 230€

This Model features:

-Capability to shoot bricks
-Smooth reliable mechanism
-Magazine with 8 round capacity
-Brick built scope
-Safety switch
-100% more coolness through the weapon skin 😎

Rubber Bands: Watch this video at 3:00 min

Shooting: Buy on Amazon
Diameter (cm) ≈ ⌀10 cm
Diameter (in) ≈ ⌀3,9″

Mechanism: Buy on Amazon
Diameter (cm) ≈ ⌀1,3 cm
Diameter (in) ≈ ⌀1/2″
Any kind of “loom bands” can be used too instead

-Super glue is recommended in some parts of the instruction. Use at own risk.
-For ammunition: add the “Parts for 16 bullets.xml” to your order,
Or you can buy this: Webrick Parts List for 16 Round Bullets

– Important – More information here: FAQ
-When using Webrick parts: Some colors may vary from the instruction because of availability
-Danger of loosen / breaking parts when using too many or strong “shooting rubber bands”

-Bricks may be harmed overtime because of wear and tear
-Wrong assembly of parts/rubber bands can affect functionality
-Be sure to use eye protection when operating.
-Do NOT carry the models in public due to risk of confusion

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1 review for Replica of AWP | Asiimov [PDF INSTRUCTION]

  1. vattanak

    Hello, i would like to buy the parts on webrick but the number of bricks differ from the “AWP Asiimov – Webrick Partlist.xml” and the “AWP Asiimov PARTLIST.xml” Which one is the right file to use ? i’ve contacted you on instagram (My instagram is vattanak_9 if you want to find my questions)
    thanks for your time.

    • Kevin183 (store manager)

      Hey, as the name of the file says: If you want to buy bricks on, you need the “AWP Asiimov – Webrick Partlist.xml”.
      And sorry, it easier to reach me via email or my discord server.
      But I hope I could help!

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